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Updated: Feb 20, 2022

"I've been educated thanks to the knowledge of our amazing Lorna! I have literally eaten SO much this month! 2,100 calories a day of really yummy, protein-rich, healthy food. I've not felt hungry or deprived of treats once. I have LOVED the training. Every week has felt so different, fun and super challenging (which I really enjoy!) Jumping on the classes each day has been a total treat - not like hard work at all.

Lorna my love, you have totally educated me about what my body needs. It’s MAD that we associate getting into shape with ‘diets.’ In fact, I now hate the phrase ‘on a diet’ and think it should be sent the same way as Hottie’s scales - away on the bin truck! 🤣 Diets are literally drilled into women as being ‘healthy.’ They are not. They undermine our fitness goals at every turn. Before meeting Lorna I’d always deprive my body of calories, I’d get mediocre results and to be honest I’d pile it back on again. These three months, I’ve stuck to Lorna’s advice to the letter and I’m definitely feeling the gains (thanks to The Sarg and the wankle weights! 🤣) I’m so excited to continue my fitness journey with you badass, powerful women! 🔥

Lorna, you are an angel. You go above and beyond for everyone else; often to the detriment of yourself 💕 and you are just one of the loveliest humans on the planet. You are pure gold dust and we are all so very lucky to know you and have you in our lives. Thank you a hundred times over for all you do. We all love you so much xx"

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