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"So about 6 years ago I went to River Village fete and saw lorna and her group of ladies showing some clubbercise routines - I loved the tunes and decided to join with my friend. So pleased I gave it a go! Have never been a fan of exercise - only did cross country at school so I could hide and have a cigarette!!! Have joined the odd fitness class over the years but did them for a few months then got bored but clubbercise was different! I think lornas personality also helped - she was like a friend you have known for years not just an instructor- she really does care about us all !

Since lockdown when classes went on line I have tried all the classes which I would NEVER have done - I would not have had the confidence as didn't want to look unfit or have had the time due to full time working and being a single parent!

I have even done 3 of the challenges - which have been amazing - lorna gives so much to these challenges - great advice and tips and workouts!

I cannot thank lorna enough - I have gone from hating exercise to loving it ! From doing nothing to working out 6 days a week! At nearly 49 and going through the menopause I am feeling the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my life!

You will never get bored as there are do many different classes to do!"

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